Christian Robinson’s First Solo Picture Book! January 24, 2019
Another by Red Cap Cards artist, Christian Robinson. Photo by Christian Robinson

We are so proud to help share this fabulous news from a long-time member of our Red Cap Cards family. Christian Robinson, award-winning illustrator of many books (Rain!, School’s First Day of School, Last Stop on Market Street, Gaston, and so many more…) is now debuting the cover and release date of his first solo picture book project: Another from Atheneum Books!!

Debuting on March 5th, 2019 — mark your calendars! — Another tells a story of perspective through wordless illustration. In “Alice-in-Wonderland” form, a little girl follows her kitty down a hole into a magical world all her own. And in a fun twist, you may find yourself holding the book upside-down and twisting it all around!

‘”When I think about stories that I gravitated toward as a child, I think of narratives that take you on adventures to other worlds, places in which anything is possible,” Robinson said in a promotional letter he wrote for the book addressed ‘Dear Observers,’ which he says “feels like the most accurate name for someone viewing a wordless book.”‘ (Publisher’s Weekly)

We absolutely can’t wait to get our hands on a copy and are delighted to see another creative project from such a wonderful human and artist. Hurry up, March 5th! We love you, Christian!

See below for some of our favorite shots of Christian’s work for Red Cap:

Cake Lady by Christian Robinson
Kitty Carols by Christian Robinson
Afro Birthday Bag by Christian Robinson
Afro Birthday by Christian Robinson
Balloon Bouquet by Christian Robinson
Little People Wrap by Christian Robinson
In the Heart by Christian Robinson

Tis the Season: Holiday Illustration November 29, 2018

It’s our favorite time of year again! Candles are glowing, ornaments are being hung, and hot cocoa is on the menu once again (extra marshmallows, please!). The holidays are the best time to find the some of the coziest illustration and art work, created by our Red Cap artists, or any number of the other amazingly talented artists out there.

We had so much fun going through the latest work in honor of the holidays, and even picked out a few pieces from years past for our collection of holly jolly illustration on the blog today. Take a look below and enjoy! Also, keep your eyes peeled, we are sure there will be more holiday inspiration to be admired in the coming weeks! Fa-la-la-la-la!

Hygge, by Red Cap Cards artist, Yelena Bryksenkova

A winter walk by Red Cap Cards artist, Kate Pugsley

Happy Holidays by Adelina Lirius

A Christmas Market by Adeline Lirius 

“Getting ready for Christmas post!” Lovely holiday stamps by Red Cap Cards, Lesley Barnes

12 Days of Christmas Wrap by Red Cap artist, Emily Isabella for Anthropologie, 2017

A closeup of the “Ten Lords a Leaping” in Red Cap Cards artist, Emily Isabella‘s wrap for Anthropologie, 2017

Fun little holiday friends by Red Cap Cards artist, Anke Weckmann

Holiday Goals right here. New 2018 Holiday cards by Red Cap Cards artist, Priscilla Weidlein.

A winter voyage, by Red Cap Cards artist, Emily Winfield Martin

Coziest personalized mantels by Red Cap Cards artist, Danielle Kroll, 2016

The sweetest family Christmas by Red Cap Cards artist, Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Beautiful illustration for The New Yorker by Carson Ellis.

Winter paws. By Kenard Pak

Red Cap Artist Holiday Gift Guide November 15, 2018

Let’s sing a song of cheer again–holidays are here again! Can you tell that we adore the holidays over here at Red Cap Cards?? We’ve been checking out what some of our talented artists have been up to on Instagram, and you won’t want to miss what they are cooking up in the gift department–something perfect for so many friends on your list! See below for the goods, and let us know if you need our address…no, really…TELL US.

New washi tape by Barbara Dziadosz in four different designs, perfect for your gift wrapping or gifting needs!

THIS calendar by Blanca Gómez. It comes in several styles and will add a pop of color to any room.

Okay, we know that this one is a teeny, tiny bait-and-switch because it comes out in the Spring of 2019. But LOOK at this gorgeous fabric by Red Cap artist, Danielle Kroll for Figo Fabrics. We will take them all. See below. Just print a picture of it and wrap that special pic up in a box for your textile-loving friend with a tag the says, “coming soon!” Done!

Need another washi tape fix? Red Cap artist, Kate Pugsley‘s washi tapes are 25% off this week with the code WASHI in her shop through tomorrow. Click here to see the tapes!

Gorgeous mural wallpaper by Red Cap artist, Kelsey Garrity-Riley over at Anewall Decor. Photo by @jessicasoakes

Gorgeous prints by Red Cap artist, Michelle Morin are on sale now. Get them while they last, here!

A special collaboration between Red Cap artist, Marsha Robinson and artist and metalsmith, @bladeandknoll. This hand fabricated silver + onyx pin is available for pre-sale just in time for the holidays!

Sneak Peek of New Red Cap Cards Artist: Jacqueline Suskin October 25, 2018

We are absolutely delighted to introduce a new, upcoming Red Cap artist to you. A bit different from our usual artists, Jacqueline Suskin is an artist of words. A poet. A feeler. A healer. A woman connected with herself. And through her words, she offers us the inspiration to take a moment of pause. Her point of view is rich and fluid, and we can’t wait to share more with you.

Photo and leaf by Elena Stonaker

An author of three books, The Collected (2010), Go Ahead & Like It (2014) and The Edge of The Continent Volume One (2018), Jacqueline has also been featured in some of the greats, such as The New York Times, The Atlantic, Man Repeller and more. Her accolades are so impressive, including an honor by Michelle Obama at the White House for her work as a Turnaround Artist! She is known for her therapeutic poetry compositions on her manual typewriter (see below) which she composes on the spot for patrons. “A guest sits down with Jacqueline and names a subject that they would like their poem to be about, and in less than two minutes she types up a unique verse and reads it aloud” (

Read more about Jacqueline on her website or on her instagram and let her work below speak for itself. Enjoy, and we can’t wait to show you more soon.

Photo by Shelby Duncan

Photo by Eric Fernandez

Regrammin’ Those Sweet, Sweet Artists October 11, 2018

What’s going on, Instagram?? It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with a few of our favorite artists over there. If you’re not currently following these Red Cap collaborators, make sure to get on that by following the links below. We are lucky enough to get some super sneak peeks of anything from art work to studio spaces, every day radness, plus new projects–we’re hooked. It’s fun to feel like we get an insider look before anyone else! Click on the links below to be taken to their Instagram feeds, and amazing work, everyone!!

‘”Winter is Ending” painting from years ago. Let’s take better care of our surroundings, the forests and the ones living there.’ –Anna Emilia Laitinen

‘”Made by Hand: A Craft Sampler” book, by Carole Lexa Schaefer, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander. 13 short works of historical American fiction based on real artifacts, out October 9th.’

“Coming soon…10 Fabulous Women for ‘Il état uno fois Femmes Fabuleuses,’ a new French children’s book by Larousse Jeunesse, fully illustrated by Bodil Jane

A still from Butterfly and Abstract comp for Carolyn Gavin‘s Creativebug 30 day challenge starting January 1st 2019.

A work-in-progress for a book by Chris Sasaki.

“Today she awoke to candles in her pancakes, and her mom sang, ‘Happy Birthday to you,’ and told her ‘Go on, mica, make a wish.’ Carmela Full of Wishes on sale now, by Matt de la Peña with illustration by Red Cap artist, Christian Robinson

“Waiting for summer to come back” by Danielle Kroll

“A peek into the bedroom of my little friend,” by Emily Isabella

“A few months ago Joe Schmidt & me got some time to work on some ideas I’d been wanting to try out. The felted animals were made by Victor Dubrovsky (look him up) and the sets were mostly sticks we got in Griffith Park & Joe being a whiz with lights. I know Joe from when we worked on Coraline together but a lot of his work now is doing picture book promo stuff – it’s a great way to do something that looks like your book but isn’t your book (though this is not for a book). If anyone wants his info shoot me a message. He’s the best. Anyway, these images aren’t for anything specific yet but maybe someday they will be.” Jon Klassen

“Stepping into the Fall season” with this new ill for @thefoundrynyc” by Josie Portillo

“Solarium” by Kate Pugsley

“You Tickle my Ivories” for Red Cap Cards! See below for the sketch, color study, and finished painting. By Krista Perry

“Primula Auricula” by Michelle Morin

“Of all the ways we can come together, this is one of my favorites” –Priscilla Weidlein




Instagram Roundup: What a Few of Our Amazing Artists Have Been Getting Up To! August 23, 2018

It’s impossible to keep up with the amazing things that our artists are working on. They turn such amazing work around so quickly, that it’s a wonderful struggle to keep up and follow along on Instagram!

Below is a fraction of the fabulous creativity that they have been sharing, to say the least. To see even more, click over to each artist’s page and connect via their websites for some fabulous and inspiring finds. Thank you all for being such amazing inspirations! Keep it up!

Lovely smatterings of color by Anna Emilia Laitinen

This A-Z Dinosaurs series by Barbara Dziadosz  is TOPS. Click over to her Instagram to learn how to communicate with your five year-old niece or nephew. You won’t be disappointed! 

Hot damn: ‘My Moroccan Dreams” in the @frankiemagazine 2019 calendar. Cover illustration by @holly_jolley_  with illustration by @bodiljane

Oh, that Furby! “The Squad” giclée print, available at

Everything he creates is just magical. Adorable “Bunny Bus” by @theartoffun

So cool!! Carolyn Gavin‘s mockups for an awesome tissue paper by @noissueco. To see our version, go here! Which color do you like? Vote on her Instagram

Hey cool kids! Or grownups–loving these weekly planners by Dinara Mirtalipova!

Sticky! Goodness gracious, can we just talk more about these Kate Pugsley washi tapes? They make us ecstatic.

So elegant–a sneak peek of proofs from @kelseygarrityriley for a new book with @abramskids that comes out next year!

These organic cotton sateen textile prints by @strangedirt are so beautiful. We couldn’t resist posting this photo, longing for a sold-out group.

A “Polka” dahlia as color inspiration for @michelle_morin and this elegant floral scene.

THIS BLUE. By @priscillaweidlein

In-Progress 2 July 26, 2018

Happy Wedding Flowers by Carolyn Gavin for Red Cap Cards

No, we really can’t get enough of all of the awesome work our artists are doing lately. In-progress videos, photo series and sketchbook shots thrill us, to say the least. What we love most about sharing the process of art-making and illustration is that inspiration can be fluid, and social media allows that to be shareable. Watching something like the beautiful in-progress video of Carolyn Gavin creating our “Happy Wedding Flowers” card (below) or seeing a start-to-finish portrait by Priscilla Weidlein (below) can help us all learn how to be better artists, and offer motivation and community in the process. After the fun we had two weeks ago, we gathered a view more to inspire. Have fun, make art, and keep the love flowing.


In-progress sketch by Priscilla Weidlein. Part 1.

In-progress sketch by Priscilla Weidlein. Part 2.

Remember this portrait by Priscilla Weidlein? Here is the finished product:

by Priscilla Weidlein

The beginning of something beautiful. By Marsha Robinson

Even more. By Marsha Robinson

A sketchbook sneak by Anna Emilia Laitinen.

Love the caption to this photo by Anna Emilia Laitinen. Inspiration flows everywhere. Even to telemarketers:

”Hello! Do you have a few minutes?”
“Well, actually I am working.”
“Ok. Are you in an office?”
“Oh, not really.”
“Do you work at home?”
“Oh, not really. I am behind my house by a lake sitting on a dock…”
“Oh my, did I just hear a fish jumping in the lake…?!”
“Oh yes, there are plenty of fish in this lake. Just the night before last night I saw an otter swimming by, we were staring to each other’s eyes for a moment.”
“Oh. Is that wind in the reed…?!”
“Yes, wait, I give you some sounds of the waves in the lake…”
“I have seen a beaver, a swan couple that always returns here but cannot have babies, and many other birds too. A fox is living here too and just the last days the dragonflies started to fly and glimmer in the sunshine. A butterfly just sat on my finger.”
“But unfortunately you cannot swim in this lake because it is poisoned by some garbage.”
“Oh, I am sorry. We should take better care of the nature and not consume so much. Actually I was going to sell you something, but I do not want to anymore. After my work shift is finished I was thinking to watch a movie at home but now I think instead I should go for a walk to a forest or by a lake.”








The Lauren and Arlo Show (aka The Show With No Name) + 2 Fun Things July 19, 2018

We are in the middle of the dog days of summer, and I don’t know about all the kids out there, but we are in need of a hot weather pick-me-up. Enter: The Show With No Name, aka The Lauren and Arlo Show! Keeping it weird on YouTube, the super talented and hilarious Lauren Duarte has teamed up with kidboss extraordinaire, Arlo Mertz, to make a silly show to inspire fun! And check out that dollhouse by Duarte Dollhouses with Red Cap wallpaper by Danielle Kroll! They’re aiming for 1 million subscribers, so let’s get on this, folks! Make sure you stay tuned to hear Arlo’s amazing (and eerily accurate) horse ‘neighs’ and dollhouse fun. Follow the show on Instagram for news on new episodes and happy photos, and watch the full episode below:

Lauren doll and Arlo doll, with wallpaper by Danielle Kroll for Red Cap Cards

Crazy Aunt Lauren!


Need some more summer fun? Check out these two other fun things to keep you and the kiddos busy during the hot hot heat:

Issue 3, with cover art by Red Cap Cards artist, Bodil Jane

Have you had a chance to check out Bravery Magazine yet? Started by pals Elyse and Ashley, Bravery focuses on highlighting positive–and brave!–role models for young girls. Gorgeous illustration (yes, that’s Red Cap Cards artist Bodil Jane’s work on the cover!) coupled with powerful stories and ideas empower young children to find the bravery inside themselves. You won’t regret this one, its a must for summer reading!

Photo courtesy Becca Stadtlander

Need more dollhouse fun? This one is a super-fun book to get those little minds thinking creatively: Treasure Hunt House by Kate Davies and Red Cap’s Becca Stadtlander! Releasing August 2nd, Treasure Hunt House is an interactive children’s book about two children who receive an invitation from their great-aunt Martha to visit her incredible house. From there, they set out on a treasure hunt to solve as they explore the rooms! Readers can lift flaps and solve the riddles on every page as they join them on their treasure hunt, learning about famous historical and cultural objects. We can’t WAIT to get our hands on this one.

Keep cool!

Artist Roundup: In-Progress July 12, 2018

Nothing makes us more excited than seeing our artists in action! In-progress shots are such a wonderful way for us to connect with their artistic processes and it allows us to experience the artist’s viewpoint which is usually kept oh-so-secret. Whether you are an artist yourself, an admirer, or a curator, it’s hard to deny the magic of seeing a piece of art come to life before your very eyes. Sometimes, we are lucky enough get secret sneak peeks of pieces that our artists are working on, and other times we catch glimpses out in the wild. Today, we’ve collected a few shots below, via Instagram, that make us excited to see artistic visions coming to life. See below for links to more work by each artist. Enjoy!

“All those years of watching Willy Wonka finally paid off,” –Krista Perry. An in-progress shot of an upcoming treat. See below for the first and second in-progress!

“Some greet with noses, some come with four paws, some wait their flying dinner on a freshly knit web, some drive with a motorcycle to the dinner table.” –Anna Emilia Laitinen, about this beautiful tablescape.

A tiny Marie by Becca Stadtlander

A peek at Carolyn Gavin‘s sketchbook. So much color!!

Little beds by Christian Robinson.

James Gulliver Hancock is in Australia working on a mural. Don’t you wish this was in your neighborhood!?

The vignette, by Jon Klassen, based on his book Square. More sets and characters below!

A detailed shot of Enchanted Garden, one of the four Etch Art activity books in the series, published by @quartocreates and illustrated by the incredible Dinara Mirtalipova.

“Progress shot of my foray into oil. I find this HOT weather to be a perfect companion to the work. Fortunately.” –Priscilla Weidlein

A reminiscence of the desert by Yelena Bryksenkova

Emily Isabella for Red Cap Cards In-Progress from Red Cap Cards on Vimeo.And a special treat! Upcoming debut Red Cap artist, Emily Isabella, and an in-progress video, capturing the process of creating a piece just for us! Her collection releases this August!!







“The Stepmother” May 23, 2018

Red Cap Cards is proud present, “The Stepmother.” It is the first in our Keep the Love Flowing (#keeptheloveflowing) film series, starring Arlo Mertz and Lauren Duarte. Directed by Carrie Gifford, the film was shot and edited by Earl and Echo, with original music by Jayden Lee. Costumes by Shop Gordon, with hair and makeup by Dorados by Tony.

Collaboration is the heart of what we do at Red Cap and we believe that love and gratitude is the pulse that connects us all. Thank you to our amazing collaborators, dear friends, and artists who continually inspire us and are always game to play. Most importantly, we raise our glass to you, our family, friends, fellow makers and fans! Keep the Love Flowing..


Red Cap Cards at Indigo Fair! May 3, 2018

Pretty much the coolest new thing around for brick-and-mortar or online shops who don’t work with sales reps is Indigo Fair: helping retail stores find products their customers are guaranteed to love. If you’re a non-represented wholesaler, shop or retail store, skip over to their website and check them out, it’s worth your time, and ooh la la you won’t be disappointed. They are a brilliant company–allowing retailers to try out products in their shops with no risk. Plus, we were able to find some of the coolest small-business makers and artisans that we might never have learned about before.

We had the opportunity to make some great videos to announce our collaboration–here’s one we had lots of fun making with Jaquilyn Shumate at GRLS Studio. Check out our tribute to walkin’ in LA: Red Cap Cards and Indigo Fair. Plus, scroll below to check out a few favorite products we spied on their Instagram. Thank you, Indigo Fair!!

Red Cap Cards is Walkin’ in LA from Red Cap Cards on Vimeo.


Beautiful planter available from @indigo.fair by @savviestudio

Photo via @indigo.fair by @loftcreative

Photo via @indigo.fair by @wandpdesign

Modern and sleek from @indigo.fair by @kintojapan

More by @kintojapan at @indigo.fair

Photo by @danibarbe for @indigo.faire

Blush Nesting Bowls by @amyhamleyceramics at @indigo.fair











Artist Collaboration: Gabriela Iancu April 11, 2018

We are so excited to be starting a brand new series on our blog and Instagram that features mixed media work in collaboration with Red Cap Cards by a wide array of talented artists, filmmakers, and photographers. Red Cap lives to celebrate the incredible work of groundbreaking artists and visionaries, and we have some amazing work in store for you (stay tuned!). This week, we welcome the work of artist and photographer Gabriela Iancu, who has captured Red Cap Cards in a beautiful, new, moody light.

Gabriela Iancu is a multidisciplinary artist who splits her time between the US and Europe, and whose work “focuses on the intersection of technology, art innovation, and storytelling.” We fell in love with Gabriela’s perspective on Instagram (@gabrielaiancu), where her visceral and bold photographs and cinemagraphs caught our attention–get ready to gawk!–with work incorporating Chloe fragrances, Nestle and more. Check out her website and Instagram to be truly inspired, and keep your ear to the ground for more work by many gifted artists, photographers and filmmakers. We had so much fun viewing Red Cap Cards through her lens, and wanted to share a bit with you today. Follow along with us this week as we introduce her perspective on our Instagram, and see below for a tidbit of what there is in store. Thank you, Gabriela!

All photos courtesy Gabriela Iancu.




Spring Dream from Red Cap Cards April 5, 2018

In the mood to be swept away on a cherry blossom breeze? Spring is here, and we are playing with a dream-like series on our Instagram by the fabulous Carrie Gifford (@carriegiffordphotos), featuring @duartedollhouses that we hope will ignite your imagination! It’s been a long winter for everyone, it seems, and we are ready for the blooms to burst out of the ground and for warm-weather inspiration to come again. Scroll down to view a few pictorials of our Spring Dream series (view more at @redcapcards), and some beautiful art pieces–poetry and photos–that are getting us excited for the coming months. Welcome, Spring!

August Clover by Anna Emilia Laitinen

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

-Robert Frost

“Sage” by Marsha Robinson

August Clover by Anna Emilia Laitinen

march 26

shivering and huddled close
the forever rushing daffodils
wished they had waited

-Julie Fogliano, When Green Becomes Tomatoes: Poems for all Seasons

Art by Julie Morstad, When Green Becomes Tomatoes

Art by Julie Morstad, When Green Becomes Tomatoes


june 10

i don’t know much about flowers
i don’t know their names
or how they like to grow
in sun or shade
in morning or night
i don’t know where they began
or how they traveled
by boat or by bird
and whether or not the rain makes them shiver or bloom
but i know how they lean
and bend toward the light
wide open as if singing
their voices (silent but everywhere)
fill up the daytime
a song much more than purple
and beyond every red
a song that makes me stop and listen
and forget
and not care at all
that i don’t know much 
about flowers

-Julie Fogliano, When Green Becomes Tomatoes: Poems for All Seasons

Photo by Didion’s late daughter, Quintana Roo Dunne

I remember walking across Sixty-second Street one twilight that first spring, or the second spring, they were all alike for a while. I was late to meet someone but I stopped at Lexington Avenue and bought a peach and stood on the corner eating it and knew that I had come out out of the West and reached the mirage. I could taste the peach and feel the soft air blowing from a subway grating on my legs and I could smell lilac and garbage and expensive perfume and I knew that it would cost something sooner or later—because I did not belong there, did not come from there—but when you are twenty-two or twenty-three, you figure that later you will have a high emotional balance, and be able to pay whatever it costs. I still believed in possibilities then, still had the sense, so peculiar to New York, that something extraordinary would happen any minute, any day, any month.

-Joan Didion, Slouching Toward Bethlehem

Spring tablescape by @doan_ly

Spring and summer keeping us warm by @thefarmersdaughterflowers


I think the spring of 1968 is a good
time to look into our blood and
see where our hearts are flowing
as these flowers and vegetables
will look into their hearts every day
and see the sun reflecting like a
great mirror their desire to live
and be beautiful.

-Richard Brautigan, Please Plant This Book

Photo by @rodarte

“…The walls, also, seem to be warming themselves.
The tulips should be behind bars like dangerous animals;   
They are opening like the mouth of some great African cat,   
And I am aware of my heart: it opens and closes
Its bowl of red blooms out of sheer love of me.
The water I taste is warm and salt, like the sea,
And comes from a country far away as health.” 

-Excerpt from “Tulips” by Sylvia Plath



Visual Inspiration: On Display March 22, 2018

You know that feeling…when you walk into a beautiful, well-lit, fantastically-curated shop. Your eyes swim. Everything, everywhere–you’ve just got to have it all! You’re going to spend a month’s budget in this one shop, and you couldn’t care less. You want to spend hours there, just drinking it all in. We LOVE that feeling, and we have to say that it happens a lot, especially when we get a glimpse of how some of our stockists display our designs. We probably could have posted photos for hours as well, but here are a few snippets from Instagram that caught our eye and tickled our fancy. Click the photo captions to read more about the shops and definitely check out their Instagram accounts as well! Thank you to all for showcasing our products in such thoughtful and unique ways!

Photo by Mofelito Paperito | @mofelitopaperito

Photo by Fancy & Staple | @fancyandstaple

Photo by CW Pencil Enterprise | @cwpencilenterprise

Photo by Fancy & Staple | @fancyandstaple

Photo by Juxtapose Home | @juxtapose.home

Photo by Left & Write Paperie | @leftnwrite

Photo by Fitz & Bennett Home | @fitzbennetthome

Photo by Long Weekend | @longweekendstore

Photo by Makenew | @makenew

Photo by @colorsmayvary of North Star Coffee

Photo by Shorthand | @shopshorthand

Photo by Shorthand | @shopshorthand

Photo by The Social Type | @thesocialtype



Artist Instagram Catch-Up and a Birthday Surprise! February 22, 2018

It’s been a bit since we caught up with a few of our amazingly talented artists, so we thought we would take this week we would check in on Instagram to find out what has been inspiring them lately.

First thing’s first: we received a special treat this week, with an amazing birthday party surprise involving some of our favorite wrapping paper designs. Photographer and language & literacy champion and blogger, Michelle of Avery & Augustine, threw a fantastic birthday party with a few of our wrapping sheets as the guests of honor. She made us a few faux invitations with a blog-able address and phone number (ten points each if you can guess the books where they both originated) for her bookish birthday party and book drive. Check out that duplexed invite with Christian Robinson’s “Candles” wrap on the back! Wooo! Plus, a copy of Kelly Dipucchio and Christian Robinson’s latest installment of the Gaston series, Antoinette. We are so inspired by this creative suite! Check out more of Avery & Augustine’s bright ideas and photos over on her blog or Instagram. Thank you, Michelle!

Photo by @averyandaugustine

Photo by @averyandaugustine

A beautiful snap by Cincinnati florist, OTR Florist, of one of our favorite Red Cap cards by Priscilla Weidlein

Adoring this solemn moon by Red Cap Cards artist, Barbara Dziadosz @barbarawurszt

Cool Girl enamel pin by Red Cap artist Bodil Jane. Yes, that’s her! Available in her shop.

Just cluckin’ around. Sassy chickens by Red Cap artist, @beccastadtlander

Loving this colorful celebration of Canada’s family day by Red Cap artist, Carolyn Gavin. “Diversity, freedom and love.” Print now listed in her shop!

Beautiful, painted play by Red Cap artist, Christian Robinson. We can’t wait to see where this leads.

The new installment of the Triangle trilogy is on its way with illustration by Red Cap artist, Jon Klassen. We love his caption to this one via Instagram: “I think in every book I’ve illustrated there’s a page where the characters would be swearing if they were allowed to.”

Yes!! We are so proud of Red Cap artist, Kate Pugsley, and can’t wait to read her debut picture book, Mermaid Dreams from Tundra Books. Come on, Spring 2019!

Look at this color palette. Heart eyes for days. “Cactus Rock” acrylic on panel by Red Cap artist, Michelle Morin

Oh to be this fly on the wall…A fantastic show coming up in Denver at Sacred Thistle for Red Cap artist, Marsha Robinson on March 2nd at 4pm. Be there, Colorado!

This illustration makes us want to cozy up. Oh, to be little enough to fit in that fort again. An editorial illustration for American Airlines‘s in-flight magazine by Red Cap artist, Yelena Bryksenkova






Inspiration: Color Chameleon February 15, 2018

Happy post-Valentine’s Day! Are you suffering from a love hangover? Well, grab a Bloody Mary and cozy up to freshen up your creativity with some of the color inspiration we are obsessing over lately. Color palette inspiration at it’s best: from the rich browns, to the deep purples, the dusty browns and sultry shadows, we are putting together a lovely collection of work to get our juices flowing. What color palettes are motivating you this winter? Take a look below at some of ours and enjoy!

Cheetah Garden by Michelle Morin

Photo by @alexandravonfuerst for @vogueitalia

Happy post-Valentine’s Day! Are you suffering from a love hangover? Well, grab a Bloody Mary and check out these color palettes that we’ve been obsessing over. The sultry shadows, the deep purples and the sweet chartreuse. Ooh, lala we are loving it. What colors are getting you inspired as of late?

Photo by @sacredthistle

By @strangedirt

“Magical Tigers” by Michelle Morin

Photo by @sacredthistle





Ten Fun Love Facts January 18, 2018

Hey there, cupcake! Valentine’s Day is just another excuse for us to keep the love flowing, so we thought we’d bring you ten of our favorite fun factoids about l’amour to get you ramped up and ready for February 14th. Read on to learn more about love than the fact that it really is all you need. How many of these do you know?

Pink Swans and Peacock Feathers by Barbara Dziadosz

  1. Animals that mate for life:
  • swans
  • wolves
  • termites
  • coyotes
  • barn owls
  • beavers
  • bald eagles
  • golden eagles
  • condors
  • Gibbon apes
  • brolga cranes
  • French angel fish
  • sandhill cranes
  • pigeons
  • prions
  • red-tailed hawks
  • anglerfish
  • ospreys
  • prairie voles
  • black vultures

Two in Love by Carolyn Gavin

Cupid Love by Nicholas John Frith

2. The enduring symbol of love, Cupid (or Eros) is said to have come from Chaos (“The Yawning Void”) and represents the primitive forces of love and desire.

Beautiful Wife by Carolyn Gavin

3. Scientists suggest that most people will fall in love approximately seven times before marriage.

Rev Me Up, Light My Fire, and Sweet Love by Sarah Burwash

4. “Light My Fire” by the Doors was the number 1 Billboard single in 1967 for three weeks, when it was succeeded by “All You Need is Love” by the Beatles.

Genie by Nicholas John Frith

5. Genie’s Rule Number 2 from Disney’s Aladdin is that he can’t make anybody fall in love with anybody else–you little punim there!

Romantic Rose Wrap by Carolyn Gavin and Little Bugs Wrap by Becca Stadtlander

6. Roses are a traditional symbol of different types of love, depending on their color:

  • Red roses: passion and true love
  • Light pink: desire, passion and energy
  • Dark pink: gratitude
  • Yellow roses: friendship or jealousy
  • White roses: virtue or devotion
  • Lavender or thornless rose: love at first sight

Three Bridesmaids by Dinara Mirtalipova

7. Engagement rings are often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the ancient Greeks maintained that that finger contains the vena amoris, or the “vein of love,” that runs straight to the heart. The first recorded wedding rings appear in ancient Egypt, with the circle representing eternity as well as powerful sun and moon deities.

Favorite Playmate by Danielle Kroll

8. Allegedly, Robert Smith of The Cure was inspired to write “The Love Cats” after reading the novel, The Vivisector by Patrick White, which details the demise of a love triangle, infidelity, and a sack of stray cats.

Pearl Diver by Dinara Mirtalipova

9. Cleopatra once swallowed a pearl that was submerged in a cocktail to settle a bet with her lover, Marc Anthony, about her power and wealth.

Kidboss Arlo at The Reckless Unicorn

10. Mothers always have their children in the back of their minds – now it seems that this is quite literally true. Fetal DNA can enter a mother’s brain and remain there for decades, according to autopsies of female brains. (

Sources:,, and




Inspiration: Down the Instagram Rabbit Hole January 11, 2018

What inspires you? Lights your soul? Gives your imagination flight? Breathes passion into the day? Here at Red Cap, the answer to those questions has one answer: talent. Beautiful, unfiltered, human talent. We admit that we have fallen down what we like to call the Instagram Rabbit Hole: a trip that may last for hours and hours as we comb through inspirational photos of all types of work in all mediums and manifestations.

Today, we grouped a few that we are really loving as of late to show off and hopefully start your journey down the rabbit hole. See below for the favorites, and keep up the amazing work everyone!

@yasminemei  |  floral designer  |
Based out of Los Angeles, Yasmine creates stunning works of floral design with “an emphasis on the ethereal, simple, and classical.” With a mix of traditional flowers and exotic plants, her instagram is full of inspiration if you love the greenery like us. Just look at those tiny bananas!

Tiny bananas!


@teaaalexis  |  renders  |
These images are going to blow your mind! Alexis Christodoulou creates renderings (yep, you read that right–NOT photos) of imaginary architectural spaces that we could dream about for days. Hailing from South Africa, Alexis works in advertising (and a bit with his family’s winemaking business) and is not a formally trained architect. Read much more of his fantastic story at The New York Times Style Magazine: Singapore.



@kelseyemc  |  photographer |
@pandahandler  |  stylist  |
This photographer and prop stylist team has created some of the freshest images we have seen in a while! Together, they create tiny vignettes of food-inspired art, and much more. The story behind “Wardrobe Snacks” via Michelle’s website is delectable:

Wardrobe Snacks was inspired by diners lacking the luxury of being seated at a table: my stepdad who rests his sandwich on his thigh (hell with a plate!) in between bites while he blasts an action movie on his TV; a commuter cramped up on a crowded bus retrieving an item from a bag or pocket; a lunch-breaker on a park bench eating from her lap. They’re informal — perhaps even a bit awkward — spaces as far as eating is concerned, yet the diners always appear to be comfortable and perfectly satisfied with their chosen snack, almost Zen-like.


@jessekamm  |  clothing made in CA  |
Beautiful clothing, created using quality fabrics, made in California. Jesse Kamm’s story is an inspiration in and of itself:

I am committed to my work, and to my lifestyle.  In my work, I am committed to using fine and sturdy fabrics in the collection, because I want the pieces to last a very long time.  I am committed to making everything in Los Angeles, because it is important to me to support my community.  I choose these things because I believe they are right and good.  In my life, I know that I deserve to be a sane person.  I know that I need time away to be sane, so I take it.  Not because I am spoiled, but because I value my existence as a happy, balanced person.  Everyone deserves this.


@avionclothier  |  designer + store owner  |
Katherine Tsina Bird is the designer and store owner of Avion Clothier. Based in New York and Los Angeles, Katherine combines her training in dance with a tremendous talent in fashion design to create clothing with air, life, and flight. And fun fact: she also happens to be married to another great talent: musician Andrew Bird.


@ambergressphotography  |  photographer  |
You may remember a few photos that we have posted that were taken by Amber Gress in the past, and she continues to inspire us with her work! A self-proclaimed “photographer, traveler and lover,” Amber photographs everything from people to weddings to scenic sites and magical moments. Each of her photos holds a unique story, and we love ‘hearing’ them.


@shopgordon  |  handmade apparel  |
Another talented clothier, Leah Redmond is Shop Gordon. She creates “simple, utilitarian fashion, made-to-order for the eco-conscious and fashion forward woman.” Inspired by her childhood in Hawaii, Leah created her debut collection in the traditional Hawaiian plantation fabric, Palaka, modernized for men and women today.








Hello, Krista Perry! January 4, 2018

Hello, Krista Perry! We wanted to show you a little sneak peek of one of our upcoming artists, Krista Perry, whose designs will be debuting this coming Spring for Red Cap Cards. Playful and bursting with color, with a dash of psychedelic nostalgia, Krista’s art just makes us happy. Nods to mid-century patterns plus bold fluorescents and bright colors make her sketchbooks stand-alone pieces of art. Check out the fantastic sketchbook video below for even more of her work. Also, make sure to follow her on Instagram for nearly daily updates of what she has been working on.

2017 Sketchbook from Krista Perry on Vimeo.

Located in Massachusetts, Krista studied and received an honors BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she was recognized by the Society of Illustrators Student Competition, and was printed on the cover of their student catalogue.

We also adore the bio on her site, which is as colorful as her artwork:

When she isn’t illustrating, she loves people watching, seeing live music, and daydreaming about fabulous Italian dishes.

Someday she would like to….

  • own a fully-functioning disco ball (and learn how to dance)
  • be on The Price is Right
  • hug a real live cactus in a real live desert
  • go on a pizza date with John Stamos (have mercy, am I right?)
  • open her own roller rink
  • go on tour with a band

Society of Illustrators Student Catalog 2016








Thank You and You and You… December 28, 2017

The holidays are winding down, and it’s time to send all of that love that you received back out into the world. This year as we’re clearing away the holiday decorations, making resolutions, and getting very tired of all those leftovers, don’t forget to say thank you! Say thank you to family, friends, teachers, co-workers, helpers, grandparents, baristas, or anyone who has touched your lives for the better. Keep the love flowing!

We’ve collected a few Instagram photos of beautifully illustrated thank you cards from some of our Red Cap artists below to get you inspired to write a handwritten note to those who mean the most to you. To see more, just click over to the entire thank you card collection, and thank you to YOU!

Handy Thank You by Barbara Dziadosz

April Bouquet by Anna Emilia Laitinen

Violet Birdy by Anna Emilia Laitinen

Lovely Tulips by Yelena Bryksenkova

Grateful Foliage by Danielle Kroll

Pruning Plants by Priscilla Weidlein

Succulent Garden by Bodil Jane

Water Lily by Bodil Jane

River Toile by Danielle Kroll

Snake Flowers by Bodil Jane

Rhino by Christian Robinson

Vintage Thanks Bouquet by Carolyn Gavin





Happy Holidays! We Love You! December 21, 2017

Happiest of holidays! We are busy moving our warehouse this week, so any orders that are made from now on will ship on January 10th with expedited shipping at no additional charge. In the meantime, have a magical holiday, and we hope that you and yours are warm, cozy, and filled with love this holiday season. Take a look at some of our favorite festive illustrations and photos below. Be merry & jolly, and we will see you next week.

by Anna Emilia Laitinen

By Barbara Dziadosz

By Bethan Woollvin

By Blanca Gómez

By Maria Carluccio

by Yelena Bryksenkova

Tree with ornaments by Naoshi Sunae

By Dinara Mirtalipova

By Dinara Mirtalipova

by Loris Lora

By Lizzy Stewart

By Lesley Barnes

by Kelsey Garrity-Riley

By Kate Pugsley

By Josie Portillo

By Josefina Schargorodsky

Tree, by Jon Klassen

Cookies by Christian Robinson

By Carolyn Gavin




Red Cap Cards Artist Catch-Up October 26, 2017

Happy Thursday! The leaves are changing colors all over the country and LA is a crisp autumn 103°. This week, we are taking a look at what some of our talented Red Cap artists are up to, as well as showcasing a special giveaway we are sponsoring with Books for Diversity. Take a look!

Photo by Books for Diversity

In celebration of our newest collection by Christian Robinson, we’re partnering up Books for Diversity on a special giveaway! Win a copy of When’s My Birthday? (by Julie Fogliani, with illustration by Robinson), The Smallest Girl in the Smallest Grade (by Justin Roberts with illustration by Robinson), and a set of sixteen new Red Cap birthday cards designed by Christian Robinson. Click over to the Books for Diversity Instagram to see how to enter the giveaway!

Also, we are fully embracing the art of fall, and with this beautiful piece of fall foliage heaven by Red Cap artist, Carolyn Gavin–how could you not? Click over to her Instagram for gorgeous work and amazing process videos of her art work.

We are equally impressed with Red Cap artist, Josie Portillo‘s beautiful work which she showcased on her Instagram this week–an editorial piece for The Washington Post‘s Book World in celebration of The Library of Congress’s National Book Festival. Also, make sure to swing by and check out her newest cover for The War I Finally Won, a sequel to the well-loved The War that Saved My Life, out now!

Were you as in love with Triangle as we were? Debuting on May 8th, 2018, meet the second installment of Red Cap artist, Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett’s “shape trilogy” with Square. We can’t wait to check this one out, and if you’re just as excited, make sure you take a look at our “It’s In The Eyes” essay which focuses on Klaassen’s ability to capture emotion in simplistic eye illustrations. Be there or be….

Also this week, we caught a glimpse of Red Cap artist, Kate Pugsley‘s brand new 2018 calendar with Frankie Magazine! The description got us excited: “with a whole year of radness to lay your peepers on, the 2018 frankie calendar is really a bit of a doozy. each month is spruced up with illustrations from some of our favourite artists, like pete cromer, lieke van der vorst and kate pugsley.” Yes, please!

If you’re in the mood or some Badass Bunnies, Cats or Dogs in your text stream, make sure you download Red Cap artist, Anke Weckmann‘s brand new collection of emoji stickers to make your text messages way more awesome than they currently are. Let’s be honest–would you rather send three “Yay” bunnies quietly cheering in a row or one more sad thumbs-up emoji? You decide. Click here to grab your own Anke emoji stickers.

Last but not least, our dreams are coming true, with Christian Robinson‘s brand new line of Cotton + Steel fabrics, coming in March 2018. We’ve only seen this special glimpse on his Instagram, but it sure made us want to start sewing 1960s shift dresses and kitchen aprons.

Have a great week!








Artist Inspiration: Instagram News Roundup August 24, 2017

What’s new with our amazing artists? What a delight it is to scroll through Instagram and find out what new and exciting projects they are lending their talents to. Whether it’s a sketchbook piece, a new collaboration, or a sneak peek at something brewing–we’re always intrigued and inspired. Scroll below to check out some of the new work and projects that our tight family of collaborators are working on when they’re not doodling for us:

Via Anna Emilia Laitinen‘s gorgeous sketchbook

Abstract landscapes and the rooms that house them: a new painting available for The Enormous Tiny Art Show by Becca Stadtlander

iPhone case for Casetify by Bodil Jane

New dog bedding for Anthropologie by Carolyn Gavin!

Beautiful work by Christian Robinson

Wallpaper by Danielle Kroll for Chasing Paper NYC, part of the Freshly Cut Collection

A sneak peek of the next installment of Triangle by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Bugs! A new color palette by Barbara Dziadosz

One of 5 patterns from the new limited edition collection of photo book covers by Kate Pugsley for Chatbooks

Whimsical lovelies by Kelsey Garrity Riley

A throwback illustration by Lesley Barnes for the 2017 Eclipse

Congrats to Lizzy Stewart for winning the Professional Award in the Children’s book category at the Association of Illustrators Awards



Illustrated covers by Dinara Mirtalipova for Carol Ann Duffy’s, The World’s Wife, Feminine Gospels, and Rapture, from Pan Macmillan

Photos as linked above.






A Peek at Our Artists on Instagram July 7, 2017

We are in the midst of summer! We hope you are enjoying the life-giving rays and beautiful days. If you’re on the beach or sitting, sipping cocktails poolside, make sure to scroll through some of the amazing artwork that our artists are offering up on Instagram. We picked a sampling of a few great photos of work by our Red Cap artists from the past week to suit your fancy. Click the link below each photo for more, and make sure to follow us (@redcapcards). Happy browsing!

Summertime by Barbara Dziadosz

Becca Stadtlander

Photo by @flojeux of Bodil Jane‘s “Modan Gaaru” print next to a print by Isabelle Feliu

Happy Birthday to Frida by Carolyn Gavin

Christian Robinson

Danielle Kroll

New cover by Josie Portillo for The Crowstarver

Red White and Blue berries by Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Sketchbook drawing by Dinara Mirtalipova

Patti Smith by Yelena Bryksenkova for the 2018 Fiercely Female wall calendar from Source Books, available July 1st

Kate Pugsley

International Women’s Day March 9, 2017

We hope you enjoyed your International Women’s Day! Whether or not you took the day off in honor of #adaywithoutawoman, or you simply celebrated your fellow and/or favorite females, we felt the love yesterday. In honor of the International Women’s Day, we wanted to present some beautiful work by some of our favorite female artists–Red Cap Cards artists! See below for work some beautiful work they created and make sure to visit their websites, linked via our artists page. We love and respect you all. The future is female!

Meg Hunt


Yelena Bryksenkova

Josie Portillo

Sarah Burwash


Lizzy Stewart

Lesley Barnes

Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Kate Pugsley

Kate Hindley

Jill Labieniec

Dinara Mirtalipova

Dinara Mirtalipova

Danielle Kroll

Carolyn Gavin

Blanca Gómez

Becca Stadtlander

Barbara Dziadosz

Anna Emilia Laitinen

Anke Weckmann

Happy Valentine’s Day from Red Cap Cards! February 14, 2017

We hope you’re getting ready to hunker down with your honey tonight–and by all means, a “honey” may represent your spouse, partner, child, pet, or really just a huge box of Junior Mints. Whatever works. We love you oh-so-much at Red Cap Cards. Have fun, eat some candies, and enjoy the love that is within your grasp. Here’s a few visual treats to get you started…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Light my Fire
Light My Fire by Sarah Burnish

Be Mine
Pink Swans by Barbara Dziadosz

For my Beautiful Wife
For My Beautiful Wife by Carolyn Gavin

My Funny Valentine
My Funny Valentine by Anke Weckmann

Fall Fest: Red Cap Artists’ Spooky Sketches October 27, 2016

What a delightful time of year! Autumn days bring cozy-cuddling, candy corn, and warm cider…sweaters, foliage, and pumpkin spice. Last year we had fun with our Life in Fall by Sarah Burwash and Life in Halloween Kids by Kelsey Garrity-Riley post, and this year, we wanted to focus on the spectacular and spooky art work that our Red Cap artists have produced on their own. We took a crisp stroll through their blogs, tumblrs, and Instagrams to find these beautiful illustrations that will you have you ready to go trick or treating (especially that fantastic animated gif by Yelena Bryksenkova!) Happy Halloween, everyone!

October by Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Halloween Portrait by Yelena Bryksenkova

Barbara Dsiadosz

Becca Stadtlander

The Dark by Lemony Snicket with pictures by Jon Klassen
The Dark by Lemony Snicket with pictures by Jon Klassen

Edward Gorey Mail by Yelena Bryksenkova

Lizzy Stewart

Pasta Dancer by Kelsey Garrity-Riley

Costumes. Kate Pugsley


Poster for Ghost. Chris Sasaki
Poster for Ghost. Chris Sasaki

Ghost. Chris Sasaki

Lesley Barnes
Lesley Barnes

From Leo: A Ghost Story with pictures by Christian Robinson
From Leo: A Ghost Story by Mac Barnett with pictures by Christian Robinson





Little Lit Fest Blog Avery & Augustine The Week Of in Instagram August 31, 2016

Woo hoo! It’s a great week on Instagram. We love following along with all of our artists, because it makes it easy to take sneak peeks at what they are working on along the way. We get to honor their individual processes and get a little glimpse in the process. And not just artists–we also love to see what bloggers and more are up to. This week…we’ve been in on the action as well!

This past weekend, we were excited to support Avery & Augustine’s Little LitFest (#littlelitfest), which fosters community through the love of children’s literature. The attendees to the event packed sunny yellow suitcases with items from Lately Lily, Isabel Roxas, Scout Books, Sakura and Zig Zag City Guides, as well as our cards by author/illustrator, Jon Klassen, and illustrator, Christian Robinson.

Little Lit Fest Blog Avery & Augustine
Photo by Avery & Augustine

Photo by @bonjour_mes_amies
Photo by @bonjour_mes_amies

And, spotted on Jon Klassen’s Instagram, we want ALL of these! We Found a Hat is due out on October 11th, and we will be first in line. His hand must be tired after all of that signing…

"Signed a LOT of We Found A Hat's today.." -@burstofbeaden | Jon Klassen
“Signed a LOT of We Found A Hat’s today..” –@burstofbeaden | Jon Klassen

Plus, some inspiration from Anke Weckmann, who released another Sketchbook video on her Youtube channel. Makes us want to get to work!:

Carolyn Gavin’s sketchbook is a piece of art in and of itself. She took over Lilla Rogers’s Instagram this week, which got us even more excited for her brand new wrap design for Red Cap.

From @carolynj on Instagram
From @carolynj on Instagram

Carolyn Gavin took over Lilla Rogers's Instagram

@lillarogers “Artist Carolyn Gavin recently took over my IG feed! We were inspired by her day in Belize!”

Last but certainly not least, we are getting in the mood for the upcoming holidays. We know it’s only September, but we just can’t resist! Keep following our feed for more photos of our new holiday collection. Or check out the entire lot, here.

@redcapcards: "One of my new favorite holiday cards by @josie_portillo. I'm ready to check into this cabin and watch the snow fall."
@redcapcards: “One of my new favorite holiday cards by @josie_portillo. I’m ready to check into this cabin and watch the snow fall.”




















Instagram News: Squad Goals + A Cover Sneak Peek March 1, 2016

Squad goals is most definitely correct. Who caught this Instagram post from Red Cap Cards artist, Chris Sasaki, on Sunday night? We are so proud of him for his fantastic work on the OSCAR winning Best Animated Feature, Pixar's Inside Out. What a special night! Congrats, Chris! View all of Chris's designs for Red Cap, here.

Squad Goals: Inside Out Best Animated Feature Oscars 2016

Also found on Instagram: sneak peeks of Jon Klassen's third installment of the “Hat” trilogy: We Found a Hat. The book will be released on October 11th of this year, but in the meantime, check out the cover illustration and interior glimpse. We are loving the Mojave feel! Click over to view Jon's designs for Red Cap to tide you over for a spell. This one looks especially relevant!

We Found A Hat cover art by Jon Klassen
We Found a Hat art by Jon Klassen

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Latergram! Red Cap Artists on Instagram October 27, 2015

It's been a while since we've caught up with our artists on Instagram. If you're not currently following them, make sure you do so after checking out some of their most recent posts. Anything from art work to their studio spaces, every day musings and new projects–we're hooked. Plus, it's fun to feel like we get an insider look before anyone else! Click on the screen-grabs below to be taken to their Instagram feeds:

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Red Cap Cards
Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Josie Portillo

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Chris Sasaki

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Kate Hindley

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Anke Weckmann

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Lizzy Stewart

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Christian Robinson

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Sarah Burwash

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Naoshi

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Yelena Bryksenkova

Red Cap Cards artists on Instagram! Becca Stadtlander