A Peek at Our Artists on Instagram

July 7, 2017

We are in the midst of summer! We hope you are enjoying the life-giving rays and beautiful days. If you’re on the beach or sitting, sipping cocktails poolside, make sure to scroll through some of the amazing artwork that our artists are offering up on Instagram. We picked a sampling of a few great photos of work by our Red Cap artists from the past week to suit your fancy. Click the link below each photo for more, and make sure to follow us (@redcapcards). Happy browsing!

Summertime by Barbara Dziadosz
Becca Stadtlander
Photo by @flojeux of Bodil Jane‘s “Modan Gaaru” print next to a print by Isabelle Feliu
Happy Birthday to Frida by Carolyn Gavin
Christian Robinson
Danielle Kroll
New cover by Josie Portillo for The Crowstarver
Red White and Blue berries by Kelsey Garrity-Riley
Sketchbook drawing by Dinara Mirtalipova
Patti Smith by Yelena Bryksenkova for the 2018 Fiercely Female wall calendar from Source Books, available July 1st
Kate Pugsley