Anke’s Election Collection + A Comic by Lizzy Stewart

June 8, 2016

With the new site up and running, we are busy creating new cards for our next release! With all of the hullabaloo, it’s been a little while since we’ve caught up with our talented artists’ projects, and this week decided it was time to check in. This week, we were excited to see the creative work that Red Cap Cards artists, Anke Weckmann and Lizzy Stewart are making.

Election coverage got you down? This will cheer you up: the Election Collection by Anke Weckmann. Pick your poison (pizza, spaghetti or falafel, that is) and let’s leave those other choices far, far behind. Now all we have to argue about is alfredo or pepperoni. We’re eyeing an “I Vote Pizza” Tote.

I Vote Pizza by Anke Weckmann I Vote Falafel by Anke WeckmannI Vote Spaghetti by Anke Weckmann

Another special treat that’s catching our eye today is a new comic by Red Cap artist, Lizzy Stewart. Via Lizzy’s site: a 26 page a4- comic containing three interwoven short stories about young-ish women in the city. Full color cover, b&w inside. The comic will debut at the ELCAF festival and will ship following the weekend of 10th/11th June. “It’s not what you thought it would be.”

Comic by Lizzy Stewart

To view Anke, Lizzy, and our other artists’ designs for Red Cap, click over to the artist page on our website. Great work, ladies!