Artist Collaboration: Gabriela Iancu

April 11, 2018

We are so excited to be starting a brand new series on our blog and Instagram that features mixed media work in collaboration with Red Cap Cards by a wide array of talented artists, filmmakers, and photographers. Red Cap lives to celebrate the incredible work of groundbreaking artists and visionaries, and we have some amazing work in store for you (stay tuned!). This week, we welcome the work of artist and photographer Gabriela Iancu, who has captured Red Cap Cards in a beautiful, new, moody light.

Gabriela Iancu is a multidisciplinary artist who splits her time between the US and Europe, and whose work “focuses on the intersection of technology, art innovation, and storytelling.” We fell in love with Gabriela’s perspective on Instagram (@gabrielaiancu), where her visceral and bold photographs and cinemagraphs caught our attention–get ready to gawk!–with work incorporating Chloe fragrances, Nestle and more. Check out her website and Instagram to be truly inspired, and keep your ear to the ground for more work by many gifted artists, photographers and filmmakers. We had so much fun viewing Red Cap Cards through her lens, and wanted to share a bit with you today. Follow along with us this week as we introduce her perspective on our Instagram, and see below for a tidbit of what there is in store. Thank you, Gabriela!

All photos courtesy Gabriela Iancu.