Artist News Roundup: Meg Hunt & Jon Klassen

April 27, 2017

We checked in with a few of our artists today to find out what fun and exciting things they’ve been working on and found a few special treats to highlight: a vibrant animation, an LA event, and a new children’s book in the works.

First up, we’ve fallen in love with this animation, entitled “Transplant” by Red Cap Cards artist, Meg Hunt and P. Murphy for Portland’s Design Week event, DRAEMS. The animation features the flower and the eye as two traditional dream elements, which come together to create a surreal and lovely story. View Meg Hunt’s designs for Red Cap, here.

Transplant from PMurphy on Vimeo.

Also notable this week, if you are in the LA area, don’t miss out on Red Cap artist, Jon Klassen‘s event with collaborator, Mac Barnett. They will be at The Pop Hop Books & Print for a Triangle reading and signing on Sunday, April 30th at 3pm. If you haven’t had a chance to read Triangle yet, this might be the moment you’ve been waiting for.

And a sneak peek to get you excited (we definitely are!). Check out this cover for Jon and Mac’s new collaboration which will be out this fall: The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse. That color palette!

“I may have been swallowed,” said the duck, “but I have no intention of being eaten.” 

We can’t wait! Follow Meg and Jon on Twitter for more news.