Artist News Roundup: Post-Labor Day

September 9, 2016

This week has been so full of fantastic happenings with our artists that it is almost difficult to round it all up into one post. Red Cap got a bit of love this week as well, with Barbara Dziadosz‘s “Cowboy” card featured on Papercrave, in their 7 Totally Bodacious Birthday Cards post. Click over to Papercrave to check it out!

That was the perfect start to our week, and it just kept getting better. PBS News Hour creates snippet interviews with some of the most intriguing voices in media today. And guess who we found in their most recent interview…our own Christian Robinson! Watch the video below for some absolutely inspirational words from Christian about his process, and ability to use pictures speak to children. We adore what he says about the collaboration of the picture book: “The story is actually something that happens when the author and the illustrator come together. It’s what happens on the page.”

Christian Robinson says he had a hard time reading as a child, and so he didn’t have a great relationship with books. But he could always find solace in drawing. Today, he has turned his childhood hobby into a career as an illustrator, using images to speak and “reflect the diverse world that we live in.” Christian Robinson offers his Brief But Spectacular take on illustration as communication.

In other picture book news, we are delighted to share that Red Cap artist, Nicholas John Frith, has won the Klaus Flugge Prize for his first book, Hector and Hummingbird. The Klaus Flugge Prize is awarded to the most exciting and promising newcomer to children’s picture book illustration. Congratulations, Nicholas! View his interview and some some Hector inside photos in his Artist Spotlight.
Klaus Flugge Prize
Did you adore Jill & Dragon as much as Arlo did? Red Cap artist, Lesley Barnes has a second installment of Jill’s adventures on its way to bookstores in early 2017. In this picture book, Jill sets off on a new adventure and tries to help a new friend. She meets a very sad lion—a King of the Jungle robbed of his crown! Forced to drive a toy car around in endless circles, poor Lion is so unhappy that his tears have started to blur the words of the story. Jill gallantly intervenes only to land herself in the middle of a particularly dangerous page. But with Dog at her side, nothing is too difficult for Jill to conquer. Another charming story from rising illustration talent Lesley Barnes, Jill & Lion shows it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Jill & Lion

Another of our artist’s projects that we are following closely is Lizzy Stewart‘s Illustrations for Short Stories she enjoys. Lizzy’s work is fantastic, effortless-seeming, and detailed, and we are excited to see more. The below illustrations represent a story by Jamaica Kincaid–“Figures in the Distance,” and “Fugue” by Thomas Morris. You can view all of her (constantly updating) short story illustrations on her blog.

Jamaica Kincaid Lizzy Stewart
fugue-lizzy stewart

If you’re following Josie Portillo on Instagram, you may have caught this little glimpse of a work-in-progress for Red Cap’s holiday collection. We love seeing works in progress like this and learning about our artists’ creative processes. It’s also awesome to compare the beginning with the final result–what changed? And what creative decisions do the artists make to better the finished product? You can view the completed card here: Village Skating.

josie portillo for red cap cards

And a tiny toot of our own horn: next week we will be exhibiting with Studio Curiosity at Top Drawer London! Stop by and sell all of our new goodies!

top drawer red cap cards
See you there…and have a great weekend! Save