Behind the Scenes: Printing Up Cards!

July 29, 2014

This week we’re going behind the scenes!! We thought it might be fun to show you a favorite part of our business: the printing process! This is the fun part, when we get to see everything come together, and finally see the beautiful illustrations our artists create for us come alive on the page.

Cards by Kelsey-Garrity Riley on big sheets!

On the process: We print locally, here in Los Angeles. Since we work with so many different artists, it’s key to be at every press check to ensure the quality and color of the cards. Our pressmen are amazing! We adore them. Operating those massive machines is no small task. It’s bananas.

We offset print almost all of our cards, but we do have a small line of letterpress cards. We are working on a concept for a new letterpress collection for next year…it will be fun!

On timing: Timing always varies. We like to give our artists plenty of time to work on their collection, so it is perfect when it is completed! Typically, when working with anew artist, we give them about four to six months lead time. The final art is usually due 4 to 6 weeks before the release date. After we receive final art, to the illustrator’s specifications and liking, it typically goes into production right away.

After the cards are printing, there is usually about four weeks before they are released. When the printing process is completed, all the cards are cut and folded, then sent to our warehouse. Then, we have fun photographing the cards for our website and catalogs. It takes a while but it’s so rewarding in the end.

Our favorite part: We love looking at the final art for the first time. It’s so fun to watch our artists go from concept to final product. We are big fans of all of our artists and we like to give them free reign to create work that they love. We don’t do much art direction, so seeing the final art is like Christmas morning! It’s so exciting. We usually just sit and stare at our computer screens saying, “this is soooo good! Oh my goodness, these cards are the best. We have the best job ever!”

“Christmas morning” with fun new work by Nicholas Frith: coming soon!

Enjoy the fun videos! (Plus you might catch a sneak peek of Nicholas Frith's new designs!)

Photos by Red Cap Cards. Last photo courtesy Nicholas Frith