Deck the Halls: Holiday Garland & Such

December 14, 2017

Did you know? Those boughs of holly (and other greenery) that you hang from your mantle may have originated in Druid, Celt, Norse and Roman civilizations, which celebrated the pagan winter solstice on December 21st–the shortest day of the year. Green represents eternal life, and the plants that we use to decorate our mantle, doors, and walkways throughout the holidays play a special role in these celebrations.

We are enamored with some of the garlands and decor that we have found (real or illustrated!) Enjoy a few of the images below, and don’t forget to get festive this time of year with whatever foliage and flora inspires you, and helps your home tell YOUR holiday story.

Image by Pacific Garland
Image by Pacific Garland with Seeded & Silver Dollar Eucalyptus blended with Leucadendron ‘Safari Sunset’


Red Cap Cards by @kelseygarrityriley with ornament shapes designed by @erik.riley and created by @collingarrity


“4 Sister Wreaths” by @thefarmersdaughterflowers
Christmas legend has it that on 3rd of December, chubby dotted ponies deliver leafy branches…by @redcapcards artist, Anke Weckmann


Holiday Tree at @grlsstudio. Photo by @jaquilynshumate


Pure Gunnii Eucalyptus by Pacific Garland


Orange Garland by From the Grange


Stockings Galore. Photo of @thegreycolt by @mirdinara


Photo by @underthecanopy


Photo by @chrislovesjulia


Flocked tree photo by @brooklynlimestone


by Red Cap Cards artist, Barbara Dziadosz