Gift Bags + Three New Artists: Winter 2018 Release!

February 1, 2018

We are so excited to finally celebrate the release of our brand new gift bag collection, plus the release of twenty-five new greeting card designs by artists, Michelle Morin and Marsha Robinson. Also, we are happy to introduce two exclusive gift bag designs by artist and author, Emily Winfield Martin. These are some absolute stunners that we have been dying to show off to you folks!

Our new gift bag collection features illustrations by Kelsey Garrity Riley, Carolyn Gavin, Bodil Jane, Jon Klassen, Danielle Kroll, Anna Emilia Laitinen, Kate Pugsley, Christian Robinson, and newcomers Emily Winfield Martin and Michelle Morin. They are constructed with luxurious heavy-weight paper, and cotton rope. They are available for preorder now and will ship in March!

We are also excited to introduce our new artists to the fold (pun intended!). Welcome, Michelle and Marsha, whose new designs add two unique perspectives to our Red Cap collection! View their entire collections here, and here, and view a small selection below, along with more information about them. We are so proud and excited to have them in our midst, and excited to share their work with a new audience.

If you’re able, come see the new collection in person at NY NOW this weekend and next week, Crow & Canary Booth 7614. Forget the Super Bowl! You know this is way more fun…

Michelle Morin is an artist who lives and works on the Seacoast of New Hampshire. She studied painting and art history at Massachusetts College of Art. Michelle has worked for many years in the horticultural field cultivating a true relationship with plants, wildlife, and their distinctive habitats.

With many years designing and maintaining gardens, Michelle has narrowed her primary focus to nature as a subject to reference. She works to convey the beauty and complexities of nature using texture, pattern, and narrative elements throughout her work, which range from elaborate watercolor and gouache compositions on paper to vast and more layered paintings on canvas. Through her travels she continues to seek out inspiration from the natural world while honing in on the unique details that define each place.

Marsha Robinson is an artist and designer based out of Denver, CO. Self taught and disciplined, Marsha’s work is highly distinctive with a unique flare of grace and symmetry. She creates a world full of elegant botanical imagery embraced by strikingly bold designs that reflect the nostalgia of the Art Deco Era. She creates compositions that combine both the masculine and feminine elements of design which allows her work to have fluidity while still maintaining order and structure. Her hand drawn ink & pen illustrations extend beyond the paper and find their way on various mediums in the multifaceted world of design. Marsha is constantly evolving as an artist and with every piece of work comes new transformation.