Girls Speak Out, with Illustration by Bodil Jane

October 19, 2017

This has been a big week for women, and if you have been following the headlines, we’d like to take this opportunity to put a positive spin. Communication is the key to understanding and love, and we want to promote it whenever possible. Check out these stories below that will hopefully open your eyes and hearts to amazing women and their stories:

We are so proud of our own Red Cap Cards artist, Bodil Jane, for her recent work with UNFPA with their story, “Girls Speak Out on Inequality.” Five girls were profiled (and illustrated!) in their discussions about inequality in every day life, and it is a fascinating read for anyone who is looking to understand and empathize with sister women of a different culture.

Take Hilary, for example, an 18-year old girl living in Costa Rica, who continued with her school work even after she became pregnant at 16:

“She finished school and went on to become a youth counsellor and advocate. In this role, she teaches other girls about their rights. She encourages them to have confidence and ambition.

‘I tell the girls they’re not alone, no matter what their situation is,’ she said.”

Click over to the UNFPA website for even more stories about young women, their perspective on the world, and gender inequality, as well as gorgeous work by Bodil Jane.

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