Happy New Year + Welcome 2015!

December 30, 2014

Welcome to Earth, 2015! We're excited for a fresh new year and wanted to share some goodies that just scream “Happy New Year!” and whistle a party noisemaker in our faces! Take a look at our picks for a shiny 2015 and be sure to hug and kiss a friend at midnight!

Happy New Year & Welcome 2015 from Red Cap Cards @redcapcards

1. Geodes are hot! Just-mined-out-of-the-ground-hot! We like this La Luze Geode Necklace from Sarah Safavi Jewelry on Etsy.

2. A good mantra to repeat the entire year: Stay Strong, Be Positive Card by Naoshi from Red Cap Cards. Frame it. Send it. Love it.

3. Gold is the color of the season. Set your sparkling cocktail on these Gold Wool Felt Coasters in white triangle pattern, from Cotton & Flax.

4. We love this monthly Ferme Á Papier 2015 Calendar from Ferme Á Papier.

5. Forget those Christmas cards! Send a letterpressed 2015 Card from Sugar Paper.

6. Get your fingers dressed for the night! Stratford Honey Nail Lacquer from Butter.