Inspiration Collage: Blood Moon Eclipse

April 18, 2014

The Blood Moon Eclipse on Monday has us completely inspired, and makes us want to pack up shop and move out to the desert to spy more lunar delights! The Blood Moon Eclipse will be back: next up, on October 8th (this one very highly visible in Southern California!), then April 4th, 2015 and September 28th, 2015. Here's what we would bring on our Eclipse pilgrimage:

Red Cap Cards's Inspiration Collage: Blood Moon Eclipse

1. Might as well make a week of it! Build your own desert Yurt.
2. Perfect “camping” dishware (in style, of course). Love this Robert Blue Dinner Plate, for a chilled meal in the desert.
3. Something to lounge on–a DIY Needlepoint Folk Canyon Pillow kit available on Etsy.
4. Don't want to build your own? Easy–just find one of these rare Stone Yurts! Photo by Mel Burke. 5. Just like in the fifties! Great DIY viewing box photo by Andrew B Myers.
6. How beautiful is this Mexican Weaving? Diamond Pattern on Taupe Field, by Arnulfo Mendoza.

Images as linked above.