Jaime Zollars’s IlLISTration in Uppercase Magazine

May 25, 2016

We’re so proud of Red Cap Cards artist, Jaime Zollars! Her new book, IlLISTration (set to be released on March 1st), is being profiled in one of our favorite magazines, Uppercase. From Jaime’s blog: “The book features an improvisational list-making exercise to help formulate and draw new ideas. It’s a fun game that will have you coming up with original content for projects.” PLUS, we’re happy to see that fellow Red Cap artist, Meg Hunt, is also a contributor!

Jaime Zollars's IlLISTration in Uppercase Magazine

Click over to Jaime’s website to hear more about IlLISTration and check out her designs for Red Cap Cards, here. Also, make sure to click over to the wonderful world of Uppercase Magazine–you’ll be lost for hours, I’m sure! Looking forward to the book release, Jaime!