Jon Klassen Does Duck Day

January 20, 2017

Need some distraction today? We hear you…

Ever heard of National Duck Day? Apparently it was yesterday (January 18th)! Beloved Red Cap artist, Jon Klassen, introduced us via a gorgeous illustration and poem for Eric Carle‘s, What’s Your Favorite Animal?  Take a look at the poem and illustration below, plus a bonus original illustration.

Duck, by Eric Carle, illustration by Jon Klassen

“Most times when you
see a duck in a story,
it’s not very smart.
Usually it is in the
middle of falling
for a trick somebody
is playing on it.
But I like ducks,
I like watching them walk around.” – JK

Duck going to bed by Jon Klassen

To see Jon’s designs for Red Cap Cards, click here. And follow his Twitter feed, here.