Josie Portillo in the Washington Post!

July 30, 2015

This seems to be London's week at Red Cap Cards! First a stage production of I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen, and now we were proud to spy our own Red Cap artist, Josie Portillo's, beautiful illustration in an article for The Washington Post.

Red Cap artist, Josie Portillo, for the Washington Post

Love the article too! An homage to sightseeing London in the most traditional way possible: on the top of a bright red, double-decker bus, by Gwyneth Kelly: “Riding a double-decker bus makes you feel like an urban mahout. From your perch on the 139 you see swarms of people walking down Oxford Street, all of whom appear to be moving faster than you are. School groups, extended networks of fashionistas, elderly ladies pulling rolling shopping bags, babies swaddled in strollers constructed of more protective Kevlar than military trucks…”

Click over to the article to read the rest and to marvel at Josie's new editorial work under The Washington Post banner. View Josie's designs for Red Cap, here. Great job, Josie!

Image courtesy The Washington Post