Let's Get Together

November 7, 2013

Fall is the best time to get together and celebrate friends and family, with boozy, warming drinks, sweet treats–maybe even huddled around a chilly campfire? Here at Red Cap, we want you to get together! And, if you're too far to see your loved ones, definitely send them a note to let them know you are with them in spirit. We collected a few of our favorite cozy, communal goodies for a perfect evening together.

1. For all of those friends and family that live too far away for your parties and get-togethers, send them a sweet note this season: “Celebrate” by Sarah Burwash.
2. Have a cup of love. This sweet Stack Mug from Heath Ceramics is a lovely addition to your night.
3. Don't forget to fill it up right! A favorite in neck of the woods: Blantons Bourbon, Original Single Barrel.
4. Get to writing those faraway friends! Grab a beautiful fountain pen with nib to say hello in ink.
5. Got a mid-fall campfire? Cozy up and don't forget to roast some marshmallows. Squish them between chocolate and graham crackers for the perfect s'more. Mmm!
6. Need some ideas? Look through a Gather Journal for recipes and DIY inspiration.
7. Cuddle up, it's cold out there! Perfect tartan blankets for cuddling. Don't drip marshmallow on them!

Images as linked above.