Meet Our New Artists: Kate Pugsley + Carolyn Gavin

June 3, 2016

We were delighted to introduce you to one of our newest artists in the Red Cap family, Barbara Dziadosz, last week. If you happened to miss her Artist Spotlight interview, we highly recommend hitting the rewind button and taking a look! We have some fun treats in store when it comes to our two other new artists–Kate Pugsley and Carolyn Gavin— but in the meantime, we wanted to introduce them here with a bit of their unique stories and a few photos.

Meet Kate Pugsley! Kate is an illustrator, painter and surface designer living in Chicago. She grew up in Ohio as a constant drawer, daydreamer, and animal enthusiast before going to college at the Rhode Island School of Design to study illustration. She spends most of her time in her studio painting with gouache and watercolor to create images for books, galleries, magazines, textiles and stationery.

We so love her illustrations. Aren’t they refreshing and modern?

New Artists: Kate PugsleyAbstract Birthday

Congratulations Kate PugsleyBird on Your Head

Feather Kate Pugsley

Meet Carolyn Gavin! Carolyn Gavin is a painter, Illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Toronto, Canada. Carolyn trained as a graphic designer and learned painting and techniques from artist Nina Campbell-Quine. In 2007, she started Ecojot with her family, an eco-friendly paper business. Today, she freelances with her agent Lilla Rogers Studio and licenses her work for fabric, house wares, packaging and books.

Carolyn works in gouache, watercolor, pen & ink and vector. Finding inspiration in travel, flowers, exotic color and pattern, Carolyn makes sure her life is filled with beauty and creativity.

Those colors! Absolutely bursting off the page.

New Artists: Carolyn Gavin
New Artists: Carolyn GavinGAV1634-Happy-B-Day-Kitten-760x560


View all of these artists work in our shop or their individual artist pages here.