Regrammin’ Those Sweet, Sweet Artists

October 11, 2018

What’s going on, Instagram?? It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with a few of our favorite artists over there. If you’re not currently following these Red Cap collaborators, make sure to get on that by following the links below. We are lucky enough to get some super sneak peeks of anything from art work to studio spaces, every day radness, plus new projects–we’re hooked. It’s fun to feel like we get an insider look before anyone else! Click on the links below to be taken to their Instagram feeds, and amazing work, everyone!!

‘”Winter is Ending” painting from years ago. Let’s take better care of our surroundings, the forests and the ones living there.’ –Anna Emilia Laitinen
‘”Made by Hand: A Craft Sampler” book, by Carole Lexa Schaefer, illustrated by Becca Stadtlander. 13 short works of historical American fiction based on real artifacts, out October 9th.’

“Coming soon…10 Fabulous Women for ‘Il état uno fois Femmes Fabuleuses,’ a new French children’s book by Larousse Jeunesse, fully illustrated by Bodil Jane
A still from Butterfly and Abstract comp for Carolyn Gavin‘s Creativebug 30 day challenge starting January 1st 2019.
A work-in-progress for a book by Chris Sasaki.
“Today she awoke to candles in her pancakes, and her mom sang, ‘Happy Birthday to you,’ and told her ‘Go on, mica, make a wish.’ Carmela Full of Wishes on sale now, by Matt de la Peña with illustration by Red Cap artist, Christian Robinson
“Waiting for summer to come back” by Danielle Kroll
“A peek into the bedroom of my little friend,” by Emily Isabella
“A few months ago Joe Schmidt & me got some time to work on some ideas I’d been wanting to try out. The felted animals were made by Victor Dubrovsky (look him up) and the sets were mostly sticks we got in Griffith Park & Joe being a whiz with lights. I know Joe from when we worked on Coraline together but a lot of his work now is doing picture book promo stuff – it’s a great way to do something that looks like your book but isn’t your book (though this is not for a book). If anyone wants his info shoot me a message. He’s the best. Anyway, these images aren’t for anything specific yet but maybe someday they will be.” Jon Klassen

“Stepping into the Fall season” with this new ill for @thefoundrynyc” by Josie Portillo
“Solarium” by Kate Pugsley
“You Tickle my Ivories” for Red Cap Cards! See below for the sketch, color study, and finished painting. By Krista Perry

“Primula Auricula” by Michelle Morin
“Of all the ways we can come together, this is one of my favorites” –Priscilla Weidlein