The Perfect Date: Valentine’s Stream of Consciousness

January 25, 2018

I asked Carrie what she would like for Valentine’s Day, and with her answer, I was privy to a stream of consciousness that detailed the most perfect date (or day, even) that anyone could ever dream of. We thought we might juxtapose each of our parfait Saint Valentin for your reading and viewing pleasure! What might you request on your perfect date? Here’s Carrie:

Photo of Eshelman Pottery via @avionclothiershop

The perfect Valentine’s Day…We could start with a cuppa tea on a Pop and Scott sofa…

Pop and Scott Sofa | Vogue Living’s Ultimate Guide to Byron Bay

A handwritten note…

My Funny Valentine by Anke Weckmann for Red Cap Cards

Followed by some to-die-for Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate from Compartés Chocolatier. Mind the couch!

Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar from Compartés Chocolatier
Princetown Slippers by Gucci

And quickly opening my new pair of Princetown Slippers from Gucci, we are on our way to dinner. But don’t forget the babysitter! Jason Schwartzman is here to sing the night away with Arlo.

Arlo’s Babysitter — Jason Schwartzman
Blue Hill Farm

Off we go to Blue Hill Farm, where we dine on a multi-taste feast from field and market. Whoops! Forgot my new Gucci wallet on that fabulous couch! Looks like Hal will have to pay…

Sylvie Zip-Around Wallet by Gucci

Later that night, we find our way to the Madonna Inn for a wacky night out, as I slip on my Solstice Intimates.

The Madonna Inn
Solstice Intimates

Hal remembers two gifts he forgot were in his pocket all along. A beautiful rose gold and ruby pendant from Spinelli Kilcollin and a full bouquet of stunning roses from Yasmine Floral Design. How could he forget?

Ruby Nebula Pendant with Rose Gold Gravity Chain by Spinelli Kilcollin
Lovely roses from Yasmine Floral Design
Joshua Tree

We awake in the morning to hot coffee and a splendid sunrise in Joshua Tree


My goodness, I can’t beat that. Though slightly less fantastic, my date is very much tailored to my homebody-ness. Here goes…my perfect Valentine’s Day:

The date starts out with hand-drawn scavenger hunt inside one of my favorite Red Cap Cards, to find the perfect gift: a vintage copy of Sugar, by Nancy Sinatra, a beautiful Black Diamond Pera Ring from Of a Kind, and a four-box of Sofia Coppola’s pink champagne. (That whole case is for me, by the way).

Dinner is at In-N-Out Burger (they moved to Seattle specifically for me), which has magically become gluten AND dairy free overnight, so I order one of everything.

Photo by @butfirstcoldstart

While we are eating at the outdoor tables, Paul Rudd walks by and comments to my husband about how witty and attractive I am. Move it along, Paul, I’m spoken for! Go be ADORABLE somewhere else.

Then, we are back at home to watch one of my favorite movies in bed, snuggled with truffled popcorn and a housekeeper scheduled to come and vacuum up the crumbs in the morning.

Breathless by Jean Luc-Godard

Now it’s your turn–what does your ideal Valentine’s Day look like?

Andie Powers