Week in Review: One Fab Day, One Family, Interstellar Cinderella & Inside Out

July 17, 2015

This week, we're catching up with some blog press, Blanca Gómez, Meg Hunt and Chris Sasaki!

First up, we're happy to be included in One Fab Day's “Stuff We Love” post, about everything from shoes to greetings: “If you're looking for a unique wedding card, or card to send to someone special there's no better place to search than Red Cap Cards. Red Cap Cards does the hard work for you – sourcing the very best artists and illustrators from around the globe, and collecting their cards in one easy to shop website. Each card is adorned with gorgeous illustrations, so beautiful you'd almost frame your card of choice and keep it all to yourself. From the romantic Love and Wedding ranges to the more whimsical and humorous Friendship cards you're guaranteed to find the right one for you, whatever the occasion may be.” We love finding our cards with sweet mentions on blogs around the world, thanks so much, One Fab Day!

Week in Review: One Fab Day with Red Cap Cards

Who can resist Blanca Gómez's charming illustrations? We absolutely love her style, and are happy to showcase her new children's book with writer, George Shannon, entitled, One Family. The little counting book is alive with colorful illustrations and families of all types and cultures. Kirkus Review says, “Gomez’s richly colored pictures clarify and expand on all that the text lists: For 'six,' a picture showing six members of a multigenerational family of color includes a line of laundry with six items hanging from it outside of their windows, as well as the painting of a six-legged butterfly that a child in the family is creating. While text never directs the art to depict diverse individuals and family constellations, Gomez does just this in her illustrations. Interracial families are included, as are depictions of men with their arms around each other, and a Sikh man wearing a turban. This inclusive spirit supports the text’s culminating assertion that “One is one and everyone. One earth. One world. One family.” Click over to grab a copy of One Family, here.

One Family with Blanca Gomez

One Family with Blanca Gomez

Another children's book masterpiece that's been grabbing some recent press is Interstellar Cinderella, by Deborah Underwood, illustrated by Red Cap artist, Meg Hunt. Gaining attention for it's colorful drawings and underlying feminist themes, Interstellar Cinderella features a character that dreams of fixing fancy rockets, and avoids marriage. Check out this snippet and comment, from Lilith. We love the bold illustrations, fresh story and of course, pink hair! Grab your copy, here.

Week in Review: Interstellar Cinderella with Illustrations by Meg Hunt with Red Cap Cards

And last but not least, we are so proud to call Chris Sasaki one of our own. When he's not creating fabulous designs for Red Cap Cards, he's working on his day job as a Pixar animator, most namely, for the recent film, Inside Out. We found a great, little interview with DePaul Magazine, where Chris recounts his first sketches for the character, “Anger,” as a simple red brick. Click over here to read the rest and view the trailer below.