Welcome Daren Magee!

November 8, 2018

This month we have been sharing a look into our 2019 line up! Thers’s nothing we enjoy more than giving you a beautifully-wrapped Red Cap box of wonderful, filled with a new artist’s vision, energy and talent. Today we are excited to introduce to you another cosmic illustrator/designer coming to RCC this January.

Daren Magee joins the Red Cap family from Ojai, California, and is a master of blending the natural with the super natural. We love what Daren says about his art: “The aim of my work is to speak to the space between imagination and reality, my hope is to leave you to float off in that liminal space into someplace entirely new.” His art work is light yet mysterious and captures a supernatural, California vibe, unique just to him. We can’t wait to show you more, but for now, see below and enjoy. More coming soon!!